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Send data from your IoT devices to Twitter

Wia & Twitter

Wia & Twitter

Go to the Integrations Settings

In your space, select Devices from the left sidebar. Then, select Settings from the top menu. Scroll down to find Integrations and Setup Integration.

Twitter Setup

Turn on Twitter and select Integrate Twitter.

If you are not logged into twitter, just log into your account that you want Wia to push tweets to.

Once you have authorised Wia, you’ll be redirected back to Wia where you can see your User ID and Screen Name.

Screen name

Screen name

Add Twitter to your flow

Add a Event trigger

  • In the Flow Studio, drag over an Event trigger node from the panel on the left.

  • Select the node, enter temperature as the name of the Event in the panel on the right and click Update.

Add an Output Node

  • Drag over a Message output node from the Slack section in the panel on the left.

  • Select the node, then on the panel on the right, add your tweet text, be sure to include${} in the Message Text to post it to twitter.

  • Click Update to save your changes.

  • Click on the white circle shape at the bottom of the Event node and drag the line to the input of the Output node.

Twitter flow

Twitter flow

And that’s it! There is everything you need to tweet your plants health statistics to the world with Wia!


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