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Welcome to the Wia Documentation Hub

Group 13

One space for any thing

Bind devices with the Wia Cloud that are already connected to the Internet via Sigfox, The Things Network or your own web server. Our Spaces take care of all the translations between the different device types regardless of whether they are communicating via Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth or NB-IoT through our universal language of things.

Group 11

Send and receive data with our easy to use APIs

Publish events and subscribe to commands via our REST, MQTT, and CoAP APIs. We’ve got native SDKs for the most popular IoT programming languages including Node.js, Python, C and Java that make it a breeze to send data from your favourite things.

Group 54

Integrate 3rd party tools with just a few clicks

No more painful integrations. You can easily communicate with other services to send notifications, store data in cloud storage, perform image recognition and lots more abilities. Want to send the data to a different service or your own server? Our Webhooks have got you covered.